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The company was set up in November 2005 by managing director Eamonn Mc Kenna who has 25 years experience in the haulage industry as a parts department manager in a Scania truck dealership and also as a manager of a second hand truck parts department, before going it on his own with Scanbitz giving an indication of the ambition and determination of the company.

Eamonn started the company with the motto of “low overheads, low prices”. Using all his years of experience and the facilities he had to work with, Eamonn was able to get the business up and running single handed and into a sustainable state at relatively low costs and therefore was able to sell his second hand parts cheaper than the competition which he still does today.

After a short period of time the company went from strength to strength despite the economic difficulties experienced worldwide in recent times and were most other new companies found themselves floundering, Scanbitz showed how strong
the business was and the fact that happy customers repeated their business consistently was a testament to the service and expertise of the company.
Having expanded the company to a national level and building up an extensive customer base, the business grew and Eamonn secured a supplier of new parts and began stocking new parts for all models of Scania, Volvo and DAF trucks. He also began a fruitful relationship with many export customers all over the world, and has had trucks and parts exported to places such as Singapore, Tanzania,
South Africa, Poland, Romania, Germany and the UK.
As years went on the company expanded further, offering truck servicing and repairs which has grown since its inception, also truck sales as some trucks that were acquired for breaking were repaired to be put back on the market. The company has also recently expanded into truck rental and low loader rental.
Since its beginning the company has grown to employ 5 full time staff and 2 part time employees to cater for all of our customers needs. The company has had great success in all of its products and services offered, the company continues to come up with unique and original products and services that continue to grow the company and keep customers happy and vow to have next day delivery
to any national or UK customers which keeps Scanbitz one step ahead of the competition.

Our achievements and goals:

We have a worldwide customer base of appox 1600?
We are a fully licensed truck dismantler meeting all EPA, County Council and Government regulations and we are constantly upgrading and modernising our facilities as our business grows.
We have created local employment and brought extensive revenue to our local area.
We have supported local charities and sponsor many local events as we like to constantly give something back to our neighbours and friends whilst gaining good publicity from national and local media outlets.

To become the market leader in the sale of second hand and new parts in Ireland. To become the biggest exporter of second hand trucks and parts abroad in the country.
To expand our business and stem new job creation for local employees and keep supporting charities and local events.

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