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We have the facility to source and securely load any trucks or parts requiredfor any export customers. We can assemble and load three trucks into a 40 ftcontainer in such a way that they can be easily reassembled on arrival to ourcustomer.
Similarly we can load a full container of dismantled parts on request by the customer into a 20 ft or 40 ft container securely. We have also loaded dismantledparts into a truck such as a rigid or tipper body that has been purchased by ourexport customers and organised its delivery onto the ferry so it can be collectedby the customer in the arrival port.

To verify our export service one phone call can begin a process of sourcing the needed trucks or parts, securely loading them into the container or truckrespectively and transporting the goods to the destination of choice.





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    Phone: +353 (0)4756919
    Fax: +353 (0)4756846
    Email: scanbitz@eircom.net
    Lisnalee, Scotshouse, Clones, Co.Monaghan, Ireland

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